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Construction Services

Top-Notch Construction and Remodeling Services in Southern California

At CNC Contractors Corp., we specialize in hospital construction and remodeling services in Southern California. We have leveraged our years of experience in healthcare construction to propel projects to completion adeptly. We pride ourselves on beginning all new projects from the ground up, we provide solutions attuned to your specific needs. 

Our Construction and Remodeling Projects

Our team brings substantial expertise to healthcare construction projects, with a portfolio spanning from room expansions and wing extensions to constructing entirely new buildings. We also provide repair and maintenance services for existing medical facilities, ensuring optimal patient care environments. 

New Hospital Building Additions

Whether you’re looking to construct a new hospital or enlarge an existing one, CNC is prepared to meet your needs. Our service includes expanding rooms and wings to accommodate upgraded equipment and services. Some of our exemplary projects include the St Vincent Medical Center Catheterization Lab Village and the Centinela Hospital Medical Center ER Expansion. 

Surgical Suites and Procedure Rooms

We install or expand rooms for surgeries or surgical procedures. We’ve completed expansions and remodeling on various departments, including Operating Rooms, Cath Labs, Cancer Treatment Centers, and more. 

Structural Upgrades

We ensure hospitals are structurally prepared for any circumstances, offering seismic upgrade projects driven by SB 1953 regulations. Some of our completed SB 1953 projects include respected health systems and hospitals like USC Verdugo Hills and Encino Hospital. 

Imaging Projects

Our services include creating or remodeling rooms for radiological or other imaging purposes. Some areas of our proficiency include Nuclear Med Rooms, CT Scan Rooms, X-Ray Rooms, and MRI Rooms. 

Healthcare Specialty

For specialized needs in acute care settings, we offer construction and remodeling services to various departments such as Acute Rehab, Emergency Departments, ICU, Dialysis Treatment, Pediatric units, and more. 

Let CNC Contractors Corp. be your chosen partner for construction and remodeling services in Southern California. With our focus on quality, commitment to your needs, and unrivaled experience, we’ll help bring your healthcare construction visions to life. Get in touch with us for more details.